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we have moved to github

To make source and documentation more accessible, this project has moved to github

Project Description
Community Powered project, adding new functionality, tools and extensions for the Umbraco Deployment Tool, Courier 2,

Anyone who wish to be part of this project, or have code they would like to share, get in touch!

All code in Courier Contrib is free to use and Licensed under the MIT License.

Current Code samples and projects

Damp Resolver
Sample Propertyresolver for Digibiz advanced mediapicker

Courier Teamdev
Code for deplying multiple revisions, and sample setup for nant and teamcity

Item data resolver

Sample subversion repository to submit revisions directly to SVN from courier

The built-in dataresolvers, included in the core of Courier 2

Sample Console application for doing packaging and extraction from the commandline

Library for resolving uComponents datatypes

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